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Designed by Brittney Murphy Design
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Download Flagsy Font for free. Flagsy Font is a font / typeface offered for free by Brittney Murphy Design, the designer and original author. Please note that if the license offered here is non-commercial then you will have to obtain and buy a commercial use license. You can use the buttons to the right to download the free font or search for a commercial font license.

Notes from the Designer:


Flagsy is a fun decorative flag font!

This font only contains letters and numbers. No symbols or punctuation.

For flags all on the same level, just use the lowercase.
For bouncy flags, alternate between uppers and lowers.

Use the less than symbol after an uppercase character at the end of a word.

To create bouncy numbers, use shift+ that number. So:
! = 1
@ = 2
# = 3
$ = 4
% = 5
^ = 6
& = 7
* = 8
( = 9
) = 0

For a COMPLETE empty upper flag, use . period
For an empty lower flag use , comma

For a JOINING empty upper flag, use : colon
For a joining empty lower flag, use ; semicolon


Font Name: Flagsy Font
Author/Designer: Brittney Murphy Design
License: Free for personal use / Demo

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