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Designed by Font Diner
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Download Seaweed Script Font for free. Seaweed Script Font is a font / typeface offered for free by Font Diner, the designer and original author. Please note that if the license offered here is non-commercial then you will have to obtain and buy a commercial use license. You can use the buttons to the right to download the free font or search for a commercial font license.

Notes from the Designer:

Hear that? That’s the sound of tropical ocean breezes as they whistle gently through your laptop! Grab a mai-tai, a hammock under a swaying palm tree and let your hair down as your fingers gently caress the keyboard just like seaweed! Enjoy Seaweed Script when a rustic tropical beachside script is called for and watch out for Squid!

The Pro version available at MyFonts has been expanded and enhanced with more character, dynamic OpenType ligatures and more for smooth seamless script connections!


Font Name: Seaweed Script Font
Author/Designer: Font Diner
License: Free for personal useFree for commercial use

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